Golds8 follows the policy and privacy. We call service below of policy. After you read the article, you should understand and agree the policy and privacy. If your age is under of 18 years old, your parents or guardians should read, understand and agree the policy and privacy with you, and then start to use the service.

  • Register Form
    Once your application is completed and approved, Golds8 will provide basic services to you. The service provide policies and privacies, you have to follow them.
  • Security of Personal information
    • For the security, you have a duty to protect to your personal information, such as password. We do not provide your data or information to any organization, company or agent, except our cooperative partners, cooperative and relative company or cooperative and relative organization, cooperative agent or trust partners. They should follow the policy and privacy, or others we considerate appropriate policies and privacies.
    • After used the service, you should sign out the service to protect to your personal information.
  • Advertisement
    The service put some advertisements in the WEB page or Mobile. In some activities about Golds8, the service will send mail or message to you.
  • Intellectual Property Right
    Golds8 protects to the service’s Intellectual property and service. You cannot copy, modify and reverse engineering to use our intellectual property right.
  • Privacy and Literary Property
    Golds8’s Privacy will explain detail when you use the service. It will tell you how can the service use the personal information and protect your privacy. When you used the service, you already agree the policy and privacy. Golds8 will terminate an account if a copyright is infringed. If you found that your copyright is infringed, you can contact to Golds8.
  • Attack or violate
    Golds8 will keep providing the best service to you. We do not allow anyone to attack or violate the service to cause the service has any problem or abnormal or stopped.
  • Authorization
    The service will be authority you to use. It does not mean that the service authorities the intellectual property right to you. After you agree the policy and privacy, you authority us about your information and data. You can reference our privacy how the service uses the personal data.
  • Compensation
    If you damage the service, the service, our cooperative partners, cooperative company or cooperative organization, agent or trust partners have a right to get compensation from you, and you have a duty to pay for the compensation.
  • Termination
    We do not hope that your service is cease, except the below of thing you need to know.
    • The service will terminate your service if you attack or violate the service.
    • If you wanted to end the service, you can contact us to remove your information and data.
  • Suggestion
    If having suggestions to us, you can contact to us. However, we will considerate them depend on the situation to adopt it.
  • Modification
    We keep to improve the service, and probably build or remove a function or attribute, or totally pause or cease a service. You can stop to use the service any time, but we do not hope you do this. We will modify irregularly the policy and privacy, and you should often read, understand, and agree the policy and privacy
  • Announcement
    You, as the user of this website, shall assume all risks associated with using the site. We will not be able to take responsibility for the direct or indirect loss caused by the use of this website. The situations include, but not limited to, virus attacks you might endure by connecting to our website. Under this situation, we will not be responsible for the damages to your computer equipment. No matter what the situation is, Golds8 does not have a responsibility in an unreasonable condition.
  • Law
    The interpretation and application of the TOS and settlement of disputes arising from the TOS are governed by the laws of the Republic of China without regard to any conflict between law provisions. You agree that the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all questions and controversies arising out of or in connection with the performance or execution of the TOS.