• Data Collect
    • We require that you fill a form has fields of Account, Last Name, First Name, Email, Gender, Birth and Password when you register the service to be Golds8’s member. In another, the service will collect your personal identification information or service build a relative data, such as Machine information, IP Address, Browser, Browser’s version, create time and modify time.
    • The service puts third party advertisement collect your information. It does not belong to our privacy. Golds8 does not have any responsibility.
  • How to use
    • Golds8 uses your data to analyze and research to improve the service.
    • Golds8 will make a statistics graphs or reports contain gender, age, country, area or consuming habit to media or research, but the information does not reveal your personal information, such as email or name.
  • Privacy applies
    Our privacy policy applies to all of Golds8. It does not applies to other companies not belong to Golds8.
  • Data Share & Open
    • Other company or people need your information to provide your service or product.
    • If we found the behavior damage the service or illegal the policy or privacy, we will access or your information or limit your account.
  • Share Information
    • Golds8’s System Manager
      The service’s manager accesses your Golds8 account information. They can do below of the list:
      • i. account’s Statistics (ex : login times)
      • ii. password modification
      • iii. Pause or termination your account
      • iv. Access or Reserve your account information or preserve.
      • v. Limitation of function, such as delete or edit data, privacy setting.
    • Cooperator
      We provide personal information to our cooperative partners, cooperative and relative company or cooperative and relative organization, cooperative agent or trust partners. They should follow the policy and privacy, or others we considerate appropriate policies and privacies.
    • Legal reason Basic on the Law, Golds8 follows law to access the data to government or company or personal to personal information.
      • In appropriate policy to investigate Illegal behavior or event
      • Detect, prevent about Security, Technique, or fraud
      • Meet any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request.
  • Cookies Golds8 accesses Golds8 cookies on your computer. We recognize your device to your personalized experience, such as IP Address, user agent information(browser version, OS type and version).
  • Device Software
    Golds8 provides software to install kinds of device. It will collect your device’s system operation data, IP address, Position, Login time, create time and modify time.
  • Modification
    We will modify irregularly the policy and privacy, and you should often read, understand, and agree the policy and privacy.